Call For Inventors: Innovative Cook And Bake Ware


If you can come up with the next do-it-all cooking or food preparation gadget, Lifetime Brands wants you!  And it wants your product by February 22, 2010!

Edison Nation is conducting the search for Lifetime Brands, Inc, one of the leading developers, manufacturers, and marketers of nationally branded kitchenware - brands like KitchenAid, Cuisinart, and Sabatier. Now, the company is looking for innovative designs or materials to enhance product performance, shorten cooking time, improve a meal's health factor, or just make cooking dinner more enjoyable. Some ideas provided by Lifetime Brands are:

• Products that promote personal health through innovative cooking methods
• Products that improve performance or energy-savings in the kitchen
• Products that make the everyday home cook’s life easier in the kitchen
• Products that spread heat evenly or decrease cooking time
• One-pot meal solutions – all-in-one, multifunctional products that lighten the dish load
• Pizza baking devices that help make pre-made or frozen pizzas better (such as racks, baking stones, etc.)

Unique and protectable products are a must for this competition, so my advice would be to submit a provisional patent application to the USPTO before you submit your idea to Edison Nation.

It is in your best interests to read and understand certain agreements BEFORE getting involved in this competition: particularly the Innovator Agreement and the Assignment Agreement. You can download both agreements by visiting the Frequently Asked Questions section near the bottom of the Lifetime Brands page at Edison Nation, and clicking on "Where can I download and review the legal agreement for Live Product Search?" 

The document you download will contain both Edison Nation's Innovator Agreement and Assignment Agreement.  The Assignment Agreement states what fees will paid to you: keep in mind that the fees you get will be a percentage of Edison Nation's revenues, not the total product revenues.

For your protection, read everything you can on this competition before entering, including all the answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Best of luck!