Call For Inventors! Lifetime Brands Seeks Innovative Barbecue Products


This Edison Nation/Lifetime Brands Innovation Contest sure is timely.  It's the perfect season for barbecuing, so get your chef's hat on and cook up some ribs, chicken, vegetarian... even a pie, so you can get inspired to invent.  Not a bad way to be inspired! 

Lifetime Brands, which owns the likes of Cuisinart, KitchenAid, Farberware, and Pedrini, and 31 other top-notch kitchen brands, knows a good product when it sees one, and you can probably attest to that yourself because you have one or several of its products.  The company is not interested in copy-cat stuff; it wants really new items, "to change or enhance the barbecuing and outdoor entertaining experience."  Your idea must have high profit potential, be unique and patentable.

According to the summary at Edison Nation, "[Barbecue] products can include utensils, food preparation gadgets, organizers, portables or grilling and serving aids that would be associated with [barbecuing] and related outdoor entertaining....  Products may be made of stainless steel, plastic, silicone, wood, or any other functional material for outdoor use. Eco-friendly materials are also encouraged."

Edison Nation will screen applications before forwarding them to Lifetime Brands. Submissions must be made by July 27, 2009.  If your product is selected, you'll get a deal for some percentage of sales for 20 years and  a $2,500 advance. 

Please check all the rules very carefully before submitting and read the Innovator Agreement and Assignment Agreement carefully with a business attorney, if necessary.  Before submitting an idea, you really should know what the inventor's rewards will be and if they meet your desires and expectations.

Good luck!