Call For Inventors! As Seen On TV Innovative Product Search



If you've had product concepts simmering on your mind's back burner, but didn't have the impetus or the money to start developing them, here's your chance to get them going.  Edison Nation has partnered with some of the best direct response firms in the country to find the best innovative products for 'As Seen On TV Innovative Product Search.

This call for inventions gives you a chance to make your product one of the biggies in the infomercial industry... a $24 billion industry. And it only costs you a bit of time for research, a small outlay for photos and/or video demonstrating the concept, perhaps a handmade prototype, and a $25 entry fee.

What direct response companies are looking for now are money-making concepts for products in these fields:

  • Auto Care and Accessories
  • Beauty and Health
  • Business Opportunity
  • Children's Learning
  • Fitness and Weight Loss
  • Hobbies, Crafts and Collectibles
  • Home and Home Appliances
  • Household Cleaners
  • Music Compilations
  • Pain Relief
  • Pet
  • Self Improvement
  • Sleep Aids and Mattresses
  • Tools
  • Vitamins and Supplements

You can submit as many original products as you like; each one must be unique and protectable.  Each entry costs $25 each. Ask yourself these questions about your concept before you submit, because Edison Nation will be asking these questions too before deciding on which products to propose to its infomercial partners.

  • Does your product solve a common problem or fulfill a dream?
  • Does your product transform your lifestyle?
  • Does your product appeal to impulse buying? Does it hit hot buttons?
  • Can the product be easily explained or demonstrated in a visually interesting manner?
  • Does your product have mass market appeal?
  • Does your product have a fascinating story to tell about its development and/or use?
  • Is your product's perceived value at retail 5 times greater than the cost to manufacture?
  • Is your product an incredible value - a bargain that cannot possibly be missed?
  • Does the product have the potential for on-going sales (refills, supplies, etc...)?
Deadline for entries is June 30, 2009!  Find out more information at Edison Nation.



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