Call For Inventors! Walmart's Innovative (GREEN) Product Search!



How are you doing on your inventions for PetSmart and As Seen On TV?  Because here's another competition for your talents, an Innovative Product Search, this time from Walmart!  Ya Hoo!  They're all calling for you and your super-duper problem solving inventions, but they have to be GREEN!  Here's the nutshell version of  Walmart's needs...

No surprise, Walmart wants inventions that are sustainable and green.  Its intention is to open a division of affordable, innovative products for the "green lifestyle" that customers can bring into their homes that have a positive effect on the environment, but also have a positive effect on changing the customer's behavior.  Changing behavior, in my mind, means you should try to make the invention novel and fun to use.  Make it pay off somehow too.

Think about Walmart's wide customer base, remembering founder Sam Walton's words:  "There's only one boss.  The customer."  Smart guy, that Sam.  Then, of course, you want to remember your basic marketing KISS rules too.

Now, here's the hard part.  You know it has to be green and sustainable, but here are the categories that Walmart is looking for:

  • Storage and Organization
    • How to better organize your home, such as kitchen and living areas; laundry and closets
  • Kitchen Products
    • Cookware
    • Kitchen gadgets
    • Pots and pans
    • Small appliances, such as can openers, blenders, coffee makers
    • Table top items like plates, cups, glassware, silverware, etc.
  • Home Décor Items such as pictures, decals, arrangements, artwork
  • Indoor Furniture such as desks, tables and chairs, bookcases, TV stands, sofas etc
  • Back to College products needed in the dorms such as furniture, appliances, décor, cookware
  • Outdoor Furniture such as chairs, tables, umbrellas, replacement cushions etc
  • Luggage and totes
Eek!  Maybe pair up with an industrial designer....

Walmart has paired with Edison Nation to conduct this live product search.  Edison Nation will screen applications before forwarding them to Walmart. Submissions must be made by July 31 2009.  If your product is selected, you'll get a deal for some percentage of sales for 20 years and $2,500 advance. 

Please check all the rules very carefully before submitting and read the Innovator Agreement and Assignment Agreement carefully, with a business attorney, if necessary.  Before submitting an idea, you really should know what the inventor's rewards will be and if they meet your desires and expectations.

And don't forget:  As Seen On TV Innovative Product Search deadline is June 30, 2009 and the PetSmart Innovative Product Search deadline is July 9, 2009.