Calling All Inventors (And Pet Lovers)! Pet360 Wants YOUR Pet Inventions


Doggles are my all-time favorite invention for dogs!Doggles are my all-time favorite invention for dogs!Great news for creative pet lovers!  Now's your chance to dust off all those ideas you had for new or improved products for cats and dogs and submit them to Edison Nation for its Pet360 search!  And you even have some time to spare for more innovation if you like....

Pet360 has grown from a specialized pet food maker to a one-stop shop/umbrella for everything pet in 14 years. Since 2012, It has fashioned itself as a pet store, an information source, and a social network for dogs, cats, and their owners. And it is now seeking some new inventions to bring to its audiences!



Through Edison Nation's online submission fomat, which includes submission of drawings, photos, and a short video presentation or your idea, Pet360 is seeking innovations in travel, grooming, furniture and beds, dog and cat toys, and storage. You can submit as many ideas as you have; items that are already patented are great, but not necessary; although protectable ideas are very desirable.

Edison Nation contractual agreements with inventors include a minimum $2500 advance and a 20-year percentage of sales or a buyout.  You can find the specific protection agreements here among the Frequently Asked Questions.

Submissions for this competition are due by Monday, August 25, 2014 at 11:59 P.M. Pacific Time. Get more information at Edison Nation.  And for inspiration, check out Lady Bee's Blog here at InventorSpot and our sister site

Good luck!  I'd love some really new items for my pets!