Calling All Inventors! Casabella® Needs Innovative Household Product Ideas


Casabella®, a New York design and production studio for innovative cleaning tools and household items, is looking for more such products from outside innovators and inventors.... like you!  It is conducting a search for such items through Emerson Nation, an invention marketing company.  Here's what you need to do....


Casabella's Neon Collection of household cleaners: image via casabella.comCasabella's Neon Collection of household cleaners: image via


1. Get to know Casabella's products.  The company specializes in simple, clean-lined tools that are functional, practical, and stylish. It uses unique materials in a variety of applications.  A great example is its Pie Crust Shields, a 5-piece set of silicone ridges that keep your crusts from running over the side of the pan.


Casabella's Pie Crust Shields: image via casabella.comCasabella's Pie Crust Shields: image via


2.  Think about the tools you use or would like to use to clean your floors or items in your kitchen and bathroom.  What materials would be ideal to accomplish certain tasks? 

3. What would be the most ergonomic, effective, and stylish way to use these materials in tool forms?

4. Try to prototype your idea, so you get an idea of what really can be accomplished.  What process(es) would be used to manufacture your product?  The more you can visualize the final product, the better you will be able to communicate it.

5. Seeing that Casabella tends to create product lines, are there other items that you can design using the same materials?

You must apply online through Edison Nation.  It will accept anything from handwritten notes and/or drawings to videos of your prototype.  Read about Edison Nation's process on its website and be sure to read its Frequently Asked Questions section.

Deadline for the Casabella submission is January 19, 2015 at 11:59 P.M. Pacific Time.