Calling All Inventors! "Gotta Have It Guy Gadget" Search Is On!


10-in-1 Credit Card Multi-Tool: image via Credit Card Multi-Tool: image via your must have gadgets are all collecting dust right now, but there are always more ahead to look forward to... And, lo and behold, Edison Nation is always looking for the next one.  This time those folks are looking for a must have gadget for a guy!  

Specifically, Edison Nation wants you to think smallish, easy to manufacture, and inexpensive to ship - perhaps something along the lines of the Nike FuelBand or the USB-powered Dream Cheeky Thunder Missile Launcher, or my fave, the 10-In-1 Credit Card Multi-Tool.  All ideas are welcome and it costs only $25 to submit each one.

Edison Nation will accept concepts, rough diagrams, prototypes, or market-ready products.  You simply fill in the online forms and supply information, photos, and/or videos of your invention (patented, patent pending, or not), and wait for the expert team of marketers to review your submission.  They will let you know either way if they are interested in developing or marketing your product or not.  If they do, they will split the licensing revenues with you 50/50.

Go to Edison Nation for further information. Deadline for this submission is May 15, 2014.  And good luck!


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