Calling All Inventors! Help Solve A Global Food System Challenge

 Biomimicry Global 2015 Design Challenge Invitation: image via Global 2015 Design Challenge Invitation: image via


The world's food supply and distribution methods are being challenged by a growing population, climate change, over-cropped soil, chemical contaminants and other environmental factors. The challenges are many and so are the possible efficient solutions, and you are being invited to develop a solution based on one of nature's ways of solving them. Sponsored by the Biomimicry Institute and the Ray C. Anderson Foundation, The Biomimicry Global 2015 Design Challenge (BGDC) awaits your solution with $100,000 'Ray of Hope' prize for the winner and access to the tools you need to get your design manufactured and ready to go to work!


Leaves provide inspiration for biodegradable packaging: image via provide inspiration for biodegradable packaging: image via


Food supply is not shrinking everywhere, as in many areas there is tremendous waste from oversupply, but the food supply is shrinking dramatically in those regions devastated by one or more of the environmental crises mentioned above.  To further complicate matters, transportation of food to populations outside of food-growing areas or metropolitan regions is becoming more expensive and it contributes more to the enviromental problems than it solves.

There are solutions found in many natural habitats of the land and sea, and some brilliant solutions to food production, storage, preservation, packaging, transportation, and waste.  Involved in these processes, of course, are water efficiency, energy efficiency, and the efficiency of the soil to remain fertile to repeated planting and harvesting of nutritious foods.  Some of these impressive biomimetic solutions are cited by the Biomimicry Institute on its Design Challenge website and at the Biomimicry Institute site. Let them inspire you to create new solutions based on nature's ways.  Here's one...


The cap of a mushroom recycles nutrients: image via cap of a mushroom recycles nutrients: image via

The Biomimicry Institute 2015 Design Challenge is open for registration now in two categories: students and open.  First submissions must be made in teams beginning April 15 until August 3, 2015; the next round will be the prototype submission.  See the Essential Information page on the Design Challenge website for detailed instructions and dates for submission at various stages of the application process.

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