Calling All Inventors! Cadbury Wants Revolutionary Packaging For Its Chocolate

Cadbury Chocolate Bars: © AFP/Getty Images via Chocolate Bars: © AFP/Getty Images via, the world famous chocolate and candy maker, needs a new wrapper, a revolutionary one that keeps chocolate from melting when exposed to high temperatures.  While you are at it, invent a wrapper that keeps humans from melting in hot temperatures.

Just kidding.  But the Cadbury challenge is not an easy one. You have to develop a new insulating material, possibly a film, that is triggered by temperature or light and uses its properties to heat or cool the chocolate, whichever happens to be needed. 

You have to go beyond what has already been developed to keep chocolate from melting, because that wrapper is too costly and bulky, says Kraft, Cadbury's new parent company.  Your wrapper has to allow the chocolate to be repeatedly warmed and cooled before chocolate is consumed. The change of temperature back and forth often causes that white coating on chocolate, which makes it unappealing to the eye and the tongue.

And you cannot change the properties of the chocolate nor use any technology that employs polystyrene.

There are some pretty sketchy entry suggestions for inventors on the Cadbury website, but one thing is for sure, your ideas better be protected, because the company won't accept them if they are not.  There are no 'confidentialily' agreements coming out of Kraft. But once you have your invention protected, it looks like you will have some sharp people to work with on the company's side.

Check out the article in the Daily Mail and then  "Thermostatic food grade packaging," "Submit an idea," and, if you're not into this project, the other Cadbury innovation needs!