Calling All Inventors! Casting Call For INVENTION USA!

Good news for all of you who've been sitting on your brilliant inventions! National casting calls have just been announced for the second season of Invention USA which airs on The History Channel.  There are just a few, but important steps, to apply for an interview by the show casting directors and the hosts of Invention USA, Reichart Von Wolfsheild and Garrett Lisi.


Reichart Von Wolfshild (left) a Garrett Lisi, hosts of Invention USA on the History ChannelReichart Von Wolfshild (left) a Garrett Lisi, hosts of Invention USA on the History Channel


Most importantly, you must have a prototype.  It can be a homemade or manufactured product, but it must be a working prototype.

Then, and this is my very strong recommendation: you should at least have a provisional patent on the invention.  But if you have a patent or have applied for a full patent, that's even better. (visit)

The application is simple.  Initially, the show just asked for your personal contact data and a general description of your invention - how it works and what it does -  a photo, and a video, if you have one.  Additionally it asks for the status of any patent or application you have in process.

If the casting directors like your submissions, they'll set you up for a personal interview with Invention USA hosts to meet with you and your invention... and the rest (to be seen on the show) may be their investment in the success of your product.

To apply, visit the Casting Call at TGroup


Mar 23, 2012
by Anonymous

Invention Prototyping

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Apr 10, 2012
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This application is very

This application is very simple and creative. I will try use it with synchronize the data for my custom theses portal.

Jun 28, 2012
by Anonymous

gravitation machine

Dear sir.

I have work on an idea to create energy for electric energy resource using the gravitation power (gravitation energy). This is a concept of invention about energy. As mentioned on literature, each kind of energy can be changed into other kind of energy. Gravitation power is energy resource available throughout the world and the number relatively unlimited.
I have described and translated this idea in an abstraction called “Energy Resource of Float System”(EROFS) actually the idea to change gravitation energy into electric energy is a technology called in Indonesia “Sumber Energi System Pelampung” (SESP)/EROFS or Gravitation Machine which has some advantages such as:
1. Cost of production is very very low (without fuel or coal at all)
2. Increasing social welfare by creating new vacancy
3. Increasing industry and economic growth economic growth
4. Decreasing of air pollution by decreasing the use of oil and coal
5. Decreasing of global warming
I believe my idea of using a combination of floats and cogwheel and combining them to units is a new cheap and simple alternative which could benefit people everywhere in the world. The float moves vertically due to tidal power created by the gravitation of the earth combined with the law of Archimedes, so the bigger the float is the bigger the power.
The innovation of change gravitation energy into electric energy can be built in two types, type 1 is made on a pool, which movement of the float throughout artificially made tides, and type 2 is made on a beach/ a sea, which has movement of the float throughout tides and waves naturally. The use of sea as an energy resource has been tried by other people but they do not change gravitation power, their technology can ‘t be used everywhere, the production of each unit is limited and does not work 24 hours. The float
system which I have invented has superiority:
1. Can be built everywhere for any kind of the sea level in the world, and works 24 hours
2. Can be upgraded as float system units can be added to reach the amount we need.
So energy resource of float system can be used for producing electric energy any amount people want, then for full filling big energy need we must not build nuclear reactor which is very dangerous and fear, we also must not set on fire coal or carbon which makes much pollution of the air that results global warming. Then realization of technology SESP (EROFS) or Gravitation machine could be a solution to avoid global warming because entire human energy need from burning like cooking, ironing, even for vehicle can be changed by using electric energy.
Environment expert have estimated if the global warming is still going on as well as now, the ice of north pole and south pole will liquefy, then the sea level will go up, the world lost much main land, and that is a disaster. So let’s save our world, let’s stop global warming by using technology of SESP (EROFS) or Gravitation machine. Some of my friends who understands about technology and management would like helping me, so I will bring the technology of SESP (EROFS) into reality with a team. The team will be an organization and a company, the company will produce electric energy and gravitation machine.
it works effectively produces electric any amount we want to build, and efficiently without sacrifice (its basic commodity is free) so we produce electric energy in the lower cost than customary cost production event it is the lowest.

I am looking for INVESTOR or PARTNER to be able to make this invention be reality.
then if you invest here we will get big advantages for each unity electric we sold.
Our cost production is 60% lower than manual technology, so we can get profitable more 60 % than others. that is going on for ever for each unit we build in Indonesia and other countries throughout the world. in Indonesia we still need hundreds units of producing electric center (generator) and throughout the world we can build thousand units. I have counted evaluation of project of this technology.

Best Regards

Designer of Gravitation machine
Email: ,
Jl. Pulau Pisang Raya No. 92 Way Kandis- Bandar Lampung 35143 – Indonesia

Number & Street:pulau pisang raya no. 92
Postcode: 35143
Town/City: bandar lampung/ Lampung