Calling All Inventors! Casting Call For Season 3, INVENTION USA!

Last night was the premiere of Season 2 of The History Channel's inventor show, Invention USA.  No sooner did the season begin, that casting calls for Season 3 of the hit series get on the road too. So now inventors have another chance to strut their stuff before the casting directors and the show's hosts, Reichart Von Wolfsheild and Scotty Ziegler.


Reichart Von Wolfsheild and Scotty Ziegler on the History Channel's 'Invention USA': © The History ChannelReichart Von Wolfsheild and Scotty Ziegler on the History Channel's 'Invention USA': © The History Channel


The application is simple.  Initially, the show just asks for your personal contact data and a general description of your invention - how it works and what it does -  a photo, and a video, if you have one.  Additionally it asks for the status of any patent or application you have in process.

The major challenge, as far as the application goes, is that you must have a working prototype.  It can be a homemade or manufactured part.

Then, and this is my very strong recommendation: you should at least have a provisional patent on the invention.  But if you have a patent or have applied for a full patent, that's even better. (check these tips!)

If the casting directors like your submissions, they'll set you up for a personal interview with the Invention USA hosts to meet with you and your invention... and the rest (to be seen on the show) may be their investment in the success of your product.

To apply, visit the Casting Call at TGroup

(If you missed the first show of Invention USA, Season 2, 'Get The Fork Outta Here.' you can watch it on The History Channel, here.)