Calling All Inventors! Casting Invention TV Show In Chicago!

If you can create an amazing gadget out of anything... If you love tinkering with crafts... If you go by the nickname 'mad scientist'... Then, an Emmy-nominated production company is looking for you to interview for a new series with a major cable network.

The first casting calls are in Chicago and they're happening NOW. 

You don't have to be an experienced inventor.  You are welcome to try out even if you just like to fiddle or build things with random objects. 

Becky, my contact person, was not able to disclose any more information than what I've written, but she would like to hear from you and will likely tell you more after you write.

Email Becky at to get more details.  Or, she'd be delighted if you would email something about yourself, including your name, where you live, your occupation and contact information.  She'd also like to know why you have a passion for inventing, what you create, and what was your last project.  

Oh, Becky wouldn't mind getting a photo of you and any interesting gadgets you have built either.



Dec 18, 2010
by Anonymous

new broom handle

Go to you-tube and see robobroom. greatest invention since slice bread. 4000 year old broom stick has finally been changed.
Invented by Kevin Sung K. Lee, Glenview IL.
For more info. e-mail