Calling All Inventors! Discovery Expedition Wants Your Outdoor Electronic Inventions


Discovery Expedition product search banner: image via edisonnation.comDiscovery Expedition product search banner: image via

Discovery Expedition isn't looking for a new kind of hiking boot - unless it's electronic.  But it is looking for new ways to enhance hiking, sky-diving, camping, mining, surfing... whatever, your outdoor lifestyle needs to take it to the next level to improve your outdoor experience.

You get to choose the outdoor activity - it doesn't have to be a recreational activity; it may be an occupation, like construction, or mining.  But your charge is to invent an electronic means, or an improvement to an existing electronic means, of communication, navigation, or entertainment for that activity. Got that?  Yes, it's a huge challenge.

Here's a short video Discovery Expedition made to get you in the spirit of the competition:




Edison Nation is sponsoring the Discovery Expedition inventor search; all submissions must be made through its website.  As always, please be sure to read the Inventor's Agreement very carefully before any submission.  If necessary, contact a business or patent attorney to answer any questions you might have about the agreement.