Calling All Inventors! Kyle Richards Wants Your Hair Care Ideas


Kyle Richards Wants Hair Care InventionsKyle Richards Wants Hair Care Inventions


If you have ideas for new hairdo gadgets, cool hair accessories, or hair styling products, the Kyle Richards (Real Housewives) inventor competition curls right up to you!  Run by Edison Nation, the competition is looking for the next do-it-yourself product that will make you look like you've just left the poshest hair salon.

Like other Edison Nation run inventor competitions, the Kyle Richards search calls for on-line submission of your idea including sketches and/or photos and a written description of your idea, as well as a simple 2-minute video demonstrating, preferably with a prototype, your product in action.

Though your idea does not have to be patentable, it is preferable that it be protectable. If you have a patent or your application is patent pending (even with a preliminary patent filed), it would be beneficial just to protect your idea. See our Invention Guide for related information.

Also, before inputting your submission, make sure you read and understand Edison Nation's guidelines and inventor agreements.

Deadline for submissions for the Kyle Richards competition is Monday, January 28th, 2013 at 11:59PM Pacific Time.

Good luck!