Calling All Inventors: New Kitchen Tools Wanted


2011 International Design Competition: © What's Bubbling2011 International Design Competition: © What's Bubbling This is a great competition for our readers. The challenge is sponsored by World Kitchen LLC through What's Bubbling?  Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to invent a new kitchen tool - a new vegetable peeler, a new pasta machine, a new meat tenderizing tool... whatever kitchen tool you can improve on, either by starting from scratch or by making a significant improvement to a tool that's already in use.

You're expected to follow the usual steps in the invention process (start here) for the Kitchen Tools 2011 International Design Competition:  market research, patent searches, inspiration, need for product, and how your creation makes tasks easier, faster, more fun, etc. 

Unlike some other competitions like those, for example, sponsored by Edison Nation, you submit your invention directly to What's Bubbling and it is not made public until, of course, you win. Also, you retain ownership of your invention and there is no cost for entry.  It is advised that you obtain protection before submitting your product design, as several people involved in feasibility, as well as judging, will see it.

The judges will be looking for...

  • Use of space, time, and resources
  • Safety 
  • Manufacturing efficiencies
  • Environmental efficiencies
  • Alignment with modern lifestyles
  • Alignment with different food culture and preparation content

... among other things, which are extensive, so read up and follow the contest rules assiduously, as there are several things that can disqualify your application.  The rules are very clear and thorough.

The competition deadline is January 11, 2011, so you have time to go through all the proper invention steps.   For all the information you need, visit  What's Bubbling?