Calling All Inventors: Submit Your Best Healthcare, Education, Or Sustainability Ideas


Although we’re moving along 2013, at an even clip, there’s still plenty of room to think about the future.

If you have a penchant for coming up with ideas to further the human race using technology, Verizon’s Powerful Answers Award might be worth a look. This $10 million challenge is not only a huge opportunity to take your ideas to a higher, lucrative level, it’s also for a very good cause. With so many unanswered medical mysteries, problems in education, and matters involving the earth itself, a great idea is technically worth more than millions. Still, the Powerful Award seeks to be a catalyst for something entirely new.

The challenge is to find three innovative ideas in three core areas: healthcare, education and sustainability. With the award, Verizon wants the best minds in technology and beyond to develop transformational ideas that deliver powerful answers…this is likely speculative thinking on par with the best science fiction pulp novels of the ‘50s. Great. Big. Ideas.

Entries must use Verizon networks and technology (wireless, cloud, broadband, etc.) to help deliver solutions that address societal challenges, deliver social benefit and grow markets.

The Award program will work in three phases: 1) concept submission; 2) proposal submission, which will happen over the summer; and 3) pitches to a blue-ribbon panel of judges between Oct. 15 and Nov. 15 of this year. 

Five winners will be selected in each of the three core focus areas, with the top prize being $1 million, and ranging to $285K.    

All of the rules and other information, including how to submit a concept, can be found here.