Calling All Inventors: West Point Seeking Storage Innovations For The Home

Edison Nation and West Point Home look for home innovations.: © Edison NationEdison Nation and West Point Home look for home innovations.: © Edison Nation


West Point Home the manufacturer of branded home products from Martex to Ralph Lauren to Harley Davidson. (Yes, there are HD sheets and boy are they wild!) West Point Home now wants your innovation for organization and storage products for any room in the house, including the attic.  The company has teamed up with Edison Nation to assist in collecting information and video about your ideas.  There is a catch though...

Since West Point Home makes textiles, primarily, it is looking for products that "utilize textile components."  So maybe you don't think in "textiles," but once you get an idea, just think of how you might develop it with a textile.  Somewhere along the line, prototype your invention using the best textile to do the job.

You know how easy storage products can make our lives; I'm always looking for containers that will store all the leftovers in one place in the fridge and see-through jewelry compartments that aren't too tacky.  Most probably you have looked around for a way to control some of your wandering items.

Your invention must be unique and protectable (that is an obstacle) and consider any or all of the end users:

• elementary, middle and high-school-aged children learning to organize and pick up after themselves;
• the college-bound student wondering how they’ll make do in their new cracker box-sized “home away from home”;
• young married couples moving into their first home together;
• families in transition or moving;
• empty nesters rearranging and downsizing the lives they’d grown accustomed to for years.

The deadline for submission is September 20, 2010.  Visit Edison Nation for more information.  Also don't forget to understand your rights!  Download the Live Product Search Innovator Agreement here and read the answers to other FAQ's on this page too.