Calling All Winos - The Corkcicle Wine Chiller Keeps You Toasted

We've all been there, curled up on a couch on a cold, gloomy night, watching old movies with a glass of wine and a selection of snacks. When that glass is empty, we face the hourly struggle of escaping the warmth and comfort of the pillows, trekking across the icy floor to the fridge, and pouring another glass. Nothing interrupts the perfection of a lazy evening like the journey for a refill.

Wouldn't it be great to simply have a deliciously chilled bottle of wine waiting patiently on the floor next to the couch? Well, you can stop dreaming, because drinkers and thinkers came together to create Corkcicle, the solution to lazy wine drinkers' crises of temperature, spillage, and convenience.

Corkcicle Wine ChillerCorkcicle Wine Chiller

The concept is simple, particularly for those who have ever broken off an icicle from their gutters and made iced coffee. Place the Corkcicle, composed of non-toxic gel and plastic, in the freezer. When you're ready for a bottle of wine, uncork it (or unscrew it - The Corkcicle doesn't discriminate), and pop in your icy stick to ensure properly chilled wine til the very last swig. I, for one, have tried to flash freeze a bottle of white wine and the results were tragic. The Corkcicle will hopefully eliminate that desperate measure that some of us feel forced to take when our Riesling is room temperature and our throats are bone dry.

Corkcicle Wine ChillerCorkcicle Wine Chiller The applications are numerous, and it is not limited to in-home use. When you are headed to a party and you bring a bottle of Pinot Grigio that you don't feel like sharing, pop in the Corkcicle and carry your bottle around all night, without worrying about people stealing mouthfuls from it in the fridge. If you feel like lying on the beach and getting a bit loopy, don't settle for red wine just because you don't want to drag a cooler along, slide this icy bit of brilliance into your favorite Moscato and have yourself a sweet afternoon.

Corkcicle is not the only product designed to chill wine quickly and conveniently, but it is one of the only products that combine portability, simplistic style, and an attractive price point that won't leave you drinking Boone's Farm to cover the cost. It even comes in a variety of colors, so bring them to your next gathering of "wine lovers" (The Artists Formerly Known As winos), and keep everyones' bottles chilled and unmixed. The Corkcicle wine chiller is also the perfect gift for that wine drinker in your life who needs help with his know, of not having perfectly chilled Sauvignon Blanc whenever he wants it.

Start corking your bottles as soon as possible, check out the Corkcicle store on Amazon.

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Feb 19, 2013
by Anonymous

What a great gift idea (one

What a great gift idea (one for myself too)!

Feb 20, 2013
by Anonymous

Test this in resturants, &

Test this in resturants, & CA NY etc vineyard locales alone.
& for home use.

Radical idea.

Imagine use for cruise ships, resturants, regional vineyard areas alone.