Calling Physical & Conceptual Product Inventors To Win The Spark Design Awards 2013!

Whether you’ve been putting the finishing touches on a fantastic new product design, or if you’re knocking around a good idea, you’ll want to show off your stuff for the upcoming Spark Design Awards.

There are many different facets of the 2013 Spark Design Awards, including contest sections for apps, interior design and communication, but if you’re already an upstart inventor, you definitely have to check out the Product and Concept Design sections.

If you have an item that you’ve already made, or is in pre-production with commercial intent, and you are a professional non-student designer, you’ll want to enter it in the Spark Product contest. Send three 1mb pictures of your product, along with a 50-word short description and a longer description of 250 words or less to Spark and you’re in!

On the other hand, if you’re still bogged down in the conceptual phase of your latest invention (or a student designer!), you’ll be happy to know that Spark’s Conceptual Design contest is ready for your dream too. You enter this contest with the same criteria, but with an emphasis on your virtual design set against a white background for your images. (You know, since your products aren’t real yet!)

The big prize for any of the multiple Spark Design Awards is recognition and exposure that both budding and established designers can use as a trump card in their portfolios. Click here to enter your real or pending products into the seventh Spark Design Awards, but you only have until October 10th to submit your design work, along with the customary “Late Deadline Fee.” As always, good luck!

Source: Spark Design Awards