Calorie-Free Food Flavored Vapor: Le Whaf

Le Whaf is a crazy new food gadget which is capable of turning food into nothing but a calorie-free vapor with the same flavour as the solid form from which it originates. So is this concept just wishful thinking, or will the next few years see Le Whaf sweep the food vapor-loving world? Find out.

Over the past few months I have talked about some fairly crazy food inventions, from self-cooling beer cans to 3D food printers, and this next magical crazy gadget is right up there. Yep, whilst those good old days of eating solid food were not too shabby, in the future it seems that food satisfaction could be achieved by inhaling the vapor of food, free from all its nutrients. Simply pop a straw in your mouth and have all the flavors from your favorite food.

Le Whaf and its food flavored aromasLe Whaf and its food flavored aromas

So where did this crazy food gadget come from, and why did it come from there? Whilst the design for Le Whaf was pioneered by Marc Bretillot, the product was actually invented by David Edwards, who in addition to his occupation as a writer and scientist, is also the founder of Lab Store, the organization responsible for propelling Le Whaf to stardom.

The science, for those of you interested, involves special crystals known as piezoelectric crystals. These vibrate and create ultrasound waves. The waves then result in high and low pressure through the liquid, meaning that the liquid bubbles and forms tiny droplets which are contained in the resulting smoke.

Things just keep getting crazierThings just keep getting crazier

Le Whaf is the new and improved version of its predecessor, and the not at all similarly named Le Whif. But putting extremely bad product names aside for a moment, it is Le Whaf's ingenuity which has captured the public's imagination, and this crazy bit of kit is not an easy thing to find, with the first 1000 selling like very hot hot cakes.

Solid food is overratedSolid food is overrated

Whilst the hype surrounding this product is quite rightly of a jokey nature, there are those who are already raving about the machine's ability to deliver flavor without calories - a gift to all hardcore dieters out there. One can only hope that this new food invention will appeal to everyone's playful side, rather than discouraging people from eating actual food.

To buy Le Whaf and decide for yourself whether inhaling really is as good as eating you can click here to visit the Lab Store. As for whether the new craze of 'whaffing' (yes it's actually called whaffing) will catch on, only time will tell.

What do you think of Le Whaf? Will it be a success, or does something not quite smell right? 

Source: Whaf