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Camel Ammo: Combating Women’s Worst Fashion Fear; The Camel Toe!

Celebrities inspire many things in fashion, but this is one product that came to be not because of the positive fashion trends demonstrated by people in the limelight, but by the rising number of celebs appearing on magazines with an unfortunate fashion mishap; the camel toe!

In order to fight frontal wedgies and one of the top fashion faux-pas, two women came together to create Camel Ammo, a liner that fits into the lining of women's panties so that they can wear the skinniest jeans without baring it all for the world to see. The fashion saver is a simple, eco-friendly piece of fabric, and it thanks its funny concept for making its success. On their website, many fashion lovers purchased the Camel Ammo on a whim as a joke, but have since written Testimonials to claim that funny or not, the Camel Ammo is a crucial item for women who love fashion.

Camel Ammo is "waging war on the front lines" and helping women across the world to remain discreet while showing off the rest of their goods! You can get Camel Ammo here. (Update: Camel Ammo is no longer available. You can buy a similar item to cover up your camel toe here and here.)