Camel Milk Chocolate Makes A Great Desert, er, Dessert

On January 27, 2010, the Isetan Shinjuku department store in Shinjuku, Tokyo, kicked off their annual "Salon du Chocolat" chocolate festival. All the usual brands were in attendance with one notable newcomer: Camel Milk Chocolate from Al Nassma Chocolate LLC of Dubai, UAE.

Think of Dubai and what comes to mind? Money, sand and camels... two out of three of which aren't conducive to good chocolate. The third (camels, if you haven't guessed) are VERY conducive; at least their milk is.

According to Al Nassma, camel milk is "rich in vitamins and minerals, and has been known for generations for its healing power." It also appears to make excellent chocolate when combined, as Al Nassma does, with Bourbon vanilla, the finest acacia honey and the highest grade cocoa beans. Walk a mile for a camel? You will... if it's in the form of these chocolates!

Al Nassma introduced their line of Camel Milk Chocolates at an elaborate booth specially designed for Isetan's Salon du Chocolat, and just in time for Valentine's Day gift-buying by the women of Japan. The salesman was kitted out in typical Arabian garb and a variety of Al Nassma's tasty creations were on display.

One of the most distinctive products was a wood-boxed "camel chocolate caravan" consisting of 18 camel-shaped chocolates filled with macadamia nuts and honey cream. It should be mentioned that the camel's milk is produced at the "Camelicious" farm located in Dubai, situated right beside Al Nassma's HQ building and owned by the city-state's ruling sheik.

Al Nassma is taking a gamble by bringing their premium product into Japan at a time when the country's economy isn't firing on all cylinders. Then again, Valentine's Day has proven to be remarkably recession-proof: girl's will buy their guys chocolate goodies regardless of price. Especially, one hopes, Camelicious ones. (via Narinari)

Feb 3, 2010
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