Camino Hotel Introduces Branded Theme Rooms For Unique Marketing

We've seen lots of fun theme hotels that make for a unique visitor's experience, but there's a new one in a popular vacation destination that has gone to a new level.

Casa Surf ProjectCasa Surf Project

In Laguna Beach, California the Camino Hotel has introduced branded rooms to 10 of their suites so far. Most of the brands featured in the rooms have a bit of a beach theme and include designs from Billabong, Glaceau, Rip Curl, Etnies, Roxy and Quicksilver.

Rates are reasonable for a luxurious part of the coast, starting at $250 and that just might have something to do with the fact that your stay is a live-in advertising experience. But hey, they did a great job with the rooms.

Via: Springwise

Jan 16, 2010
by Anonymous

Hope they expand more

Love the concept, radical
Beats the old staid corporate hotels IE
Sheraton chains'

This the way Hotels should go IE Remodel Hilton X into a Theme Hilton X.