Camouflaged Keyboard Cover Keeps Computer Keys Clean

Like your keyboard clean enough to eat off? Then you'll love Type Wipe, an elegantly designed yet unobtrusive cover that blends in with your laptop and can double as a place mat in a pinch.

Type Wipe was created by Nosigner, "a Japan-based design firm whose sole purpose is to identify and solve problems"... really, that's what they say at their website. In this case, the problem was designing an effective keyboard cover that takes care of business without stealing the limelight.

Sized specifically for Apple's MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptops, Type Wipe, TYPE WIPE is first and foremost a “cleaning tool” made from ultra-thin micro fiber cloth. Use it to wipe dirt, dust and debris from not only your keyboard but your monitor screen and case as well. Nothing unusual here but Type Wipe takes that basic functionality and runs with it.

When shutting down and closing your laptop, leave your TYPE WIPE resting on the keyboard – it's a perfect fit – so it'll (a) be ready for use next time you switch on and (b) to keep and dirt on your keyboard or lurking in the cracks between the keys from adhering to your screen.

Type Wipe comes in your choice of five different colors: Red, Blue, Ivory, Gray, and Black. The top surface sports a familiar pattern... the symbols from every key! Priced at $17.99 each plus any applicable sales tax, one might say it's an attractive bargain. (via Spoon & Tamago)