Camp Champ: A Kitchen In A Trunk

Campers are always looking for new ways to streamline and consolidate their gear. In the camping world, things are smaller, have multiple uses and fit neatly into tight spaces. The Camp Champ and its components fit this mold. Camp Champ packs a kitchen's worth of cooking equipment into a stylish wooden trunk.

Camp ChampCamp Champ

Classic Design

Created by Franz Moser, CEO of Camp Champ, this little trunk packs quite the kitchen punch. It is modeled after the traditional chuck box, also known as a patrol box or grub box. The chuck box evolved from a chuckwagon, and was where a cowboy kept his grub and kitchen supplies. 

The chuck box has been dubbed the "ark of the condiments" and is now popular with Boy Scouts and campers. Traditionally these kitchens in a box were built by whomever would use it, but recently companies have tried to commercialize this helpful camping tool. The Camp Champ is one of those efforts to do this.

Cooking With Camp ChampCooking With Camp Champ

Camp Champ Chuck Box

Camp Champ was originally built for Moser's personal use. He designed and built it in Austria, and outsourced the cooking equipment from Germany and Switzerland. The Camp Champ is a fully functional kitchen in a box, with quality equipment--no cheap, flimsy stuff. 

The Camping Kitchen In A BoxThe Camping Kitchen In A Box

The trunk itself is built from boatbuilding-grade plywood with 1.5mm veneers made of sapete wood. This type of wood is an African wood often used in furniture making, cabinetry and to make guitar bodies. Camp Champ has a weather proof finish, a POM thermoplastic base, galvanized steel corner reinforcements, aluminum edge protectors and steel handles. 

Camp Champ is a tank of a box. All of these materials are top notch, so you won't be getting anything cheap from the Champ's corner. At 88lbs, when it's empty, and 154lbs, when filled, you can certainly tell that it is durable and high-quality. 

What You're Getting

Camp Champ OpenedCamp Champ Opened

The Camp Champ is a complete, all-in-one kitchen, that can handle serving up to 6 people. It includes a 4-burner gas stove, knife block, set of pots and pans, spice rack, dishes and utensils for 6 people, a coffee percolator, cheese grater, strainer and a few other kitchen knick-knacks. 

The box itself is designed to fit its specific set of equipment so that nothing rattles around and breaks when you're transporting it. 

The outer shell serves as a base so that when you pull out the box containing the equipment and set it on the base, the food prep area is at a more convenient height. There are garbage bag holders on each door, and the tops of the doors serve as the main cooking and prep space. There is also a small flip-down counter inside, and the whole unit doubles as a seat (it even comes with a cushion). 

Camp Champ Out Of The BoxCamp Champ Out Of The Box

With the Camp Champ, you're getting a commercial version of the classic chuck box, but you're not getting something cheap. If you were to make your own, I doubt you could produce something as durable and attractive as this kitchen in a trunk. 

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