Campbell's Noodle Chicken, the Cup Noodle Without the Can

Cross Campbell's classic canned Chicken Noodle Soup with Japan's iconic rehydrate-able Cup Noodle ramen and what do you get? Campbell's Noodle Chicken, of course, and you CAN get it... but only at Japanese Costco stores.

Campbell's chicken soup and Nissin's Cup Noodle are about as far apart on the soup spectrum as one can get. That's why the introduction of Campbell's Noodle Chicken by Campbell's Japanese subsidiary is sort of a big deal.

There's nothing really revolutionary about Campbell's Noodle Chicken aside from the concept itself. Dehydrated noodles, chicken, veggies and seasonings are packed into a heat-resistant styrofoam cup wrapped in Campbell's familiar red & white livery. Just add boiling water, wait a few minutes and... “mmm, mmm good!”

Campbell's Japan is partnering with Costco Japan to distribute and market Campbell's Noodle Chicken. Initial reports indicated the innovative new soup/ramen would go on sale towards the end of November but at least one savvy Japanese shopper scored a case at Costco several weeks ago.

Pricing for Campbell's Noodle Chicken, sold 12 cups per case at Costco Japan, is 998 yen or $12.96 which works out to around $1.08 per cup. There are no plans at this time to bring Campbell's Noodle Chicken to the USA. (via Gigazine and Foxhill)