Campers Get This All-In-One Food Prep Tool For Your Next Adventure

Buck 941 Travelmate KitBuck 941 Travelmate Kit

This is yet another product that will save campers and backpackers space and weight in their backpacks. The Buck 941 Travelmate Kit is a spreading knife (wide bladed for spreading butter and the like) with a sharp serrated blade, a fork and bottle opener all in one.

Made of stainless steel, the Buck 941's blade is a nice sized one at 4.87 inches, and it's serrated for cutting and chopping. The sheath that houses the blade is made of an antimicrobial injection to safely store the spreader between uses. 

Buck 941Buck 941

Two-in-one tools are a camping staple. The Buck 941 is a five-in-one tool (with barbeque grill scraping abilities, according to its product description). Aside from being a knife, there is a detachable fork that has a bottle opener, can opener and screwdriver on one end. 

And this is no flimsy, small tool. The total length of the knife is just over 9 inches and the fork is about half that size. You won't be sawing away at your food with a two inch Swiss army knife, or have to shovel forkful after forkful of food into your mouth to get a full bite. 

You can find more on the Buck 941 on Amazon and if you find it's something you like, you can pick one up for around $50. Not bad for a quality knife, fork, can opener, bottle opener and screw driver. 

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