The Campfire In A Can Is A Better Option Than The Traditional Campfire

Campfire In A CanCampfire In A Can

Planning your next camping trip? Or a backyard barbeque with friends? Maybe you just want a starry night with a glass of wine and a fire? Whatever your campfire and barbeque needs, the Campfire In A Can is a convenient way to enjoy a campfire.

The Campfire In A Can is a self-contained design, so you can transport it just about anywhere, and storage is a snap as well. Set it up in the backyard or take it with you on your next camping trip. 

Campfire In A Can FunctionsCampfire In A Can Functions

In the woods, under the stars, you can burn firewood in the Campfire In A Can. If you're having friends over, throw in some charcoal, throw the grill on top and cook yourselves some hot dogs and burgers. Or, if you don't have charcoal or wood, get yourself a propane tank. Campfire In A Can is the world's first portable, multi-fuel campfire. 

There are no attachments to the Campfire In A Can (with the exception of a propane tank); everything is self-contained. And since everything is contained, you can take it to areas that don't allow open fires, like some beaches. 

Campfire In A Can AdvantagesCampfire In A Can Advantages

As you can see from the diagram above, the benefits of the Campfire In A Can are numerous. Its design allows for excellent heat distribution, draft and air flow, which means you stay warm. You can also see the fire well, and with an upright fuel position, the fire can hit more surface area. 

Unfortunately, Campfire In A Can hasn't yet hit the camping market. However, you can check out their Kickstarter campaign for more information, including how to secure your own at a discounted price. Happy camping.