The Camping Doughnut Is An "Effortless" Alternative To The Traditional Tent

Camping DoughnutCamping Doughnut

Sometimes the biggest hassle with camping is setting up the tent--figuring out which rod goes in what sleeve and all that fuss. If you have a tent with multiple rooms, you may as well get out the Advil for your inevitable headache. The Camping Doughnut design is out to put an end to the stress of setting up a tent.

The Camping Doughnut is a concept created by designers Sungha Lim, Hyunmook Lim and Han Kim. It is a collapsible, tubular design that can be rearranged to suit your camping needs.

Camping Doughnut ShapesCamping Doughnut Shapes

You can set up this tent in several configurations depending on your needs. You can set up the Camping Doughnut in a simple  'I' shape, like one big hallway. Curving the Camping Doughnut into an 'C' shape or 'S' shape (if you're using two tents) will give you protection from the wind in three directions. Setting up two tents in the 'O' shape (or doughnut shape) combines the two tents to give you a nice, cozy, wind-free space in the center.

One Camping Doughnut tent has two rooms and a living or recreational area, along with window flaps in each room. It will fit 2-4 people comfortably.

Transporting The Camping DoughnutTransporting The Camping Doughnut

The best part about this design it the ease of disassembling the tent. When your camping trip is over, taking down the Camping Doughnut is a snap. Just collapse the tube down, put it in its carrying case and strap it to the roof of your vehicle for easy transportation.

As of now, the Camping Doughnut is just a concept design. So if you want to buy a Donut Tent or anything similar, you're out of luck. However, with a tent this easy to set up and take down, it may not be long before you see them on the market.

The Donut Tent reminds me of a similar circular tent design also created by a team of Koreans at ArchiWorkshops and  featured on DeZeen. Their project was called Glamping for Glampers and they  also played with the concept of circular tents.  Obviously, the Donut Tent is meant to make camping easier and more comfortable for campers than the traditional tent. But the Glamping Tents show that the concept of the circular  Donut Tent could be taken to a much more glamorous level.

ArchiWorkshop's Glamping TentArchiWorkshop's Glamping Tent

Circular Tent Created by ArchiWorkshopCircular Tent Created by ArchiWorkshop

I think the design is a brilliant improvement over traditional tents and I would buy the Donut Tent. Would you?


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Jan 29, 2015
by Samantha Pankey
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This is a concept. From the

This is a concept. From the article: "As of now the Camping Doughnut is just a concept design."
of now, the Camping Doughnut is just a concept design - See more at:
of now, the Camping Doughnut is just a concept design - See more at: