Camping Made Easy: JakPak Is a Jacket, Backpack And Tent

Camping and backpacking trips invariably require a long, scroll-like checklist of gear, clothing and gadgets that need to be packed in order to have a comfortable experience in the outdoors.The JakPak has officially made that checklist a little shorter. 

The JakPak is a piece of functional clothing that combines three of the staples of any camping trip--shelter, jacket and sleeping bag. The JakPak begins as a waterproof, breathable hardshell designed to keep you warm and dry. When the stars begin to twinkle, the JakPak rolls down to your feet, providing you with your sleeping bag. The bivy-style tent is stored in a pocket on the back of the jacket and provides a roof over your head, protecting you from rain, wind and insects. One article, three essentials.

The JakPak was designed by Active Engineering LLC. The company originally designed it for emergency use, but recently extended it to recreational markets. The JakPak will hit the market in late spring and will retail for $249. It will come in a variety of sizes from XS to XL. 

The JakPak won't be scoring you any ladies from the neighboring campsite--unless they dig the flourescent yellow worm look--but it will keep you warm, protected and comfortable while limiting the weight of your backpack.  It appears to be a pretty unique, functional piece of gear, assuming each of its components work properly.

Via: Uncooped 

Feb 26, 2010
by Anonymous

Must for survival gear

Markets for:
Search Rescue
Local PD rural forces.
Forest Service.
Geoscience teams
Tour guides & tourisim, cost to issue per guest & then reuse.



Feb 27, 2010
by Anonymous


Very cool.

Mar 1, 2010
by Anonymous


i like it does it cook potatos

Mar 1, 2010
by Anonymous


of course it does, noob