Can The Baby Remote Actually Control Babies? Unfortunately, No...

Okay, I have a problem with this.

The power to control babies at the push of a button.  I wish.The power to control babies at the push of a button. I wish.

The Silly Sounds Television Remote by Sassy is, obviously, geared toward babies.  And what do babies do?  Well, they imitate the actions of adults.  That's one of the ways that they learn.

So when I saw a remote control designed for babies, my mind immediately flashed towards a big blob of a father flopping on the couch-breath coming in whistling wheezes funneled through his fat neck, eyes glazed dead like those in a mounted deer head-and pressing buttons of the remote with sausage-like fingers.  His apathetic gaze drifts across the images on the screen with the concern of a cow chewing its cud.

And this is what we're teaching our babies.  To change channels on the television.

Because I'm just plain odd, I was truly hoping that this remote would actually allow the user to control babies.  Yeah, yeah... my imagination getting away with me.  But c'mon...  An army of remote controlled babies crawling over a hill would scare anybody.

That's what I get for typing "Baby Remote Control" into the search engine.

And while the Silly Sounds remote doesn't allow for that activity, I suppose it's better than "The Lil' Toddlers Plastic Explosives Kit."  And it does actually have some educational value... sort of.

It makes crazy sounds and lights up when buttons are pressed.  Multiple textures make it interesting for a baby to hold.  There's even a picture that changes from a red race-car to a smiling sun.  But it doesn't actually change channels on the TV.

As the Silly Sounds Television Remote is geared toward ages 6 months and up, I suppose I shouldn't be disappointed that it can't control a baby army.  It does what it's supposed to do: stimulate a child's mind.

Let's just hope that the kid doesn't turn into a couch potato...

You can get the Silly Sounds Television Remote at Amazon.

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