Can Kitty Catch The Undercover Mouse?

This battery-operated Undercover Mouse mimics the sudden and unpredictable movements of a real mouse moving in the brush. Just as in the wild, the prey is hidden, only noticeable by its random movements. Must be why my cat loves the Undercover Mouse, a new interactive cat toy by Panic Mouse, Inc.

Bella and I aren't the only ones crazy as a cat about the Undercover Mouse: the toy won the cat category's 2008 Best of Show at February's Global Pet Expo, sponsored by the American Pet Products Manufacturer's Association.

Undercover Mouse's ripstop nylon disc hides a little motor with a 360o spinner. When turned on, the motor rotates a wand with the Undercover Mouse (a cat teaser) attached to the end of the wand. A cat watches the disc and the tail of the the Undercover Mouse as it moves... slowly, then quickly... randomly... suspensefully under the disc. Cat joy!

I 'm adding the Undercover Mouse to my list of favorite interactive cat toys! The Mouse is available for $24.99 at and other pet toy retailers. Requires 3 AA batteries, not included in purchase.

That's the buzz for today!

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Lady Bee
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