The Can Man Suits Up With Rubbish













Chicago artist/environmentalist, Ira Ono, also known as the Can Man, has created a wardrobe out of other’s people’s trash. Is he off his rocker or just eco-passionate? I vote, he is a little bit of both.

His Can Suit weighs about 35 lbs and holds about 500 cans. He also has a suit made of pennies, with matching penny shoes, a suit made of cork with a cork hat and one made out of plastic bottles. He has plans to make the Key Suit too, which of course would be a suit made out of keys.

When I watched the video below I wonder if the Can Man ever considered noise pollution. His suits make quite a racket as he moves about, especially the Can Suit. Still I see a lot of potential in his artwork.

Listen and see for yourself as the can man explains his reason behind his recycled suits. Personally, I like the penny suit the best and the bottle suit would be ideal for sparing with siblings.

Via Trendhunter and Starbulletin.

Mar 27, 2008
by Lady Bee
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They are all pretty cool!

Great find. They all look professionally made. Just the fact that he can take them off and put them back on without losing a can or a cork or a penny speaks well for him.

Mar 27, 2008
by Anonymous


Just because he "can" doesn't mean he should. He can't wear that and drive because of the open container law. I guess it is more attractive than the "piss sack" since he can use the can as a urinal. However, the outfit doesn't look very safe in case of an accident-- he'd be crushed.