Can Men Wear Spanx, too? The Core Precision Undershirt Says, Yes!

Women have been swearing by Spanx to keep their bodies under control and looking desirable in their sexiest fashions, but can men wear Spanx, too? Equmen has created the Core Precision Undershirt to give men equal opportunities in control undergarments, and while the men in the ads may not need help concealing any undesirable jiggle (and no, unfortunately, the undergarments don't promise the same ripping 6-packs), the average guy may benefit from a little bit of additional fashion support.

While the Core Precision Undershirts do promise to visibly slim a man's upperbody, they do have other benefits as well. The design of the fashion ensures that men maintain proper posture, with their shoulders back and heads raised high. The men's undergarments also provide breathability with seamless stitching and mesh areas, and come in three styles; a sleeveless version, a v-neck t-shirt style undershirt, and a long-sleeved design. The Spanx for men retail from $89-$109 and are available in white, black, blue, and grey.

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