Can Mold Make Robots Happy?


When you think about what makes a robot work the odds are good that what you picture is chipsets and wires. What you probably do not picture is a big slimy hunk of mold, but that is exactly what is happening in the world of robots.


One robot, created by a team of researchers at the University of the West of England in Bristol, have created a robot that is able to mimic the human range of facial expressions, with the help of a mold. The mold is a kind of a litmus test for the expressions. When the mold is happy, say when it gets near to some yummy food, the robot face will make a happy face. If the food is taken away, or if the mold is exposed to light then the robot makes a sad face.


The robot was recently shown off in the Natural History Museum in London in July and August.


Source: Huff Post 

Image: Morgue File