Can One Wheel Be Better than Two?

The monocycle design has been around since the late 1800's, but it has taken quite some time to refine it. From the first pedal powered version, totoday's 4-stroke engine powered setup, the monocycle has been a very popular item.

This specific model is offered by Hammacher Schlemmer a catalogue full of amazing and pricy gadgets. It is powered by a 31cc four-stroke engine boasting 1.5HP. According to the manufacturer, it can propel the average adult up to 25mph and run on 1/2 gallon of fuel for up to 2 hours.

Movement is possible through the use of centrifugal clutch mounted on the inner steel framework. When engaged, the power is transferred to the 67' outer wheel which is fitted with a thin rubber tire. When you need to turn, all you do is shift your body weight to one side or the other and then recenter yourself.

Similar Kind of Vehicle in Action

The inside portion of the monocycle is made of fiberglass and houses the engine, drivetrain and fuel tank. It also give you a nice soft place to sit when your cruising around in style. The handholds are fitted with a grip throttle similar to motorcycles and handbrakes that provide quick easy stops.

The price to own one of these : $12,999.95 plus shipping. And no, these are not street legal.

Via :Hammacher Schlemmer , YouTube

Apr 11, 2008
by Anonymous

trainer wheels

My friend is insisting me to advise you how dangerous and unstable your monocycle is during slow down and would like to comment about adding trainning wheels.

This feature would not only eliminate throwback during acceleration to give riders confidence, it would also stabilize the unit during slow down.

We are very interested in this product and to quote my friend "I would definitly ride that puppy if it had stablizer wheels."