Can a Remote Controlled Zombie Eat Your Brain?

Can a remote controlled zombie eat your brain?

Me at my high school prom.  Only shorter.Me at my high school prom. Only shorter.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here (not a tree limb... but a femur) and say, "Probably not."

And this isn't because it's a lumbering brainless undead creature.  It's because it's really short: 7 ¾ inches in height, to be precise.  How the hell would something like that catch you, much less eat your brain?  Plus zombies are notorious for being slow (except for those things in 28 Days Later... holy crap!  Good luck dealing with that kind of undead critter).

But even at such a diminutive height, this little guy packs a graveyard full of zombie goodness.  Using the Brain Remote Control (you know... a regular little remote control, only shaped like a brain), you can make him shuffle about the room.  And he groans!  Yay!!!!  His neck, hips, and shoulders are articulated so you can twist him into any cadaver-like pose you wish.

Perhaps a legion of these things could inspire fear... or have a crazy zombie dance party!

And all of that on three AAA batteries.

That's much easier than going out and looking for little brains to feed him, eh?

You can find the tiny zombie at Archie McPhee.