Can Robots Care for Humans?

Robot MaidRobot Maid

When it comes to robots there are a lot of reasons why you might want one. One of them that you may not have given a lot of thought to is the fact that robots can help to care for you as you age. At least, some researches hope that they can. A team at the Carnegie Mellon University is working on a new bot called HERB. HERB, which stands for Home Exploring Robot Butler, and he is designed to help people keep their home clean and bring them objects of importance.


The joy of HERB is that it will help the person to find something like, a cup full of pills that they need to take each morning, and the water that goes with it. Given that tripping and medication misfires are two big concerns for the elderly people it helps to mitigate risk. The technology is not ready yet, but it may be in the near future.   


Source: NY Times

Image: Morgue File