Can Robots Help Aussie Manufacturing?

ImageImageThe general consensus about robots in manufacturing jobs is that they take positions away from workers. After all once the initial purchase is made a robot can work longer hours, generally with less mistakes, and they don't need hourly wages, health benefits or holiday time.  But what about in an economy that is already experiencing some serious issues.

A white paper put out by CSIRO is looking to answer just that question. The paper starts with the grim news. In the land down under manufacturing jobs have been on the decline for more than a decade. They are also predicting that the trend will get worse, with as many as 85,000 more jobs being cut in the next five years. The solution that is being proposed is robots. The paper asserts the idea that new robots being move into the Australian manufacturing sector would not increase the cuts to jobs, but simply assist the existing workers. As the sector becomes stronger, the logic follows, the company could then hire more workers. The company envisions a future where workers use robot tools to work more effectively, doing their jobs via telepresence.

Whether or not it would pan out that way however is a matter that only time can resolve.

Source: SkyNews
Image: Morgue File