Can Robots Help Kids with Autism?

Robot with ScreenRobot with Screen

Kid who suffer from an Autism spectrum disorder face a lot of challenges. So do their parents. Learning even the most basic of life skills can be a real challenge when you have a hard time paying attention to the people and things in the world around you. While there are a number of techniques that can help these children to learn there are also some new solutions coming out.

One of them is a robot. While that may  seem like a contradiction, after all a robot is just one more object in your environment to be ignored, this one is special. It tracks the eye movement of the child and when he or she focuses on the robot, they are rewarded with a visually stimulating video. This positive reinforcement system in the bot means that the kids who have used it so far respond to it as well as and in some cases better than a human caregivers instructions. 

Source: King 5
Image: Morgue File