Can A Sport Boat Be Eco-Friendly?

It can if you are talking about the new "Ao." The Ao is the brain-child of a Spanish Design Team known as "Ubica." They specifically engineered to boat to fast, luxurious and eco-friendly.

The 2 side floaters are the heart of the design. They not only keep the boat on the proper side of the water, they are specially built to reduce the amount of surface area and therefore drag on the boat. They are also hollowed out to give more space for more of a home-away-from-home. Inside, you will find a full kitchen and a floating table for 4. If you move the central part, sport seats complete the feel of a water-bound supercar.


Even better, it's friendly to the environment. The propulsion system is a Diesel-Electric Hybrid System. When you want to move fast, a Bio-Diesel engine / turbine can rocket you across the water at up to 50 knots or just under 60mph. If you're just trawling along in no big hurry, the electric power is more than enough to keep you moving.

No official pricing or production plans are circulating yet, but the response has been good, so they should be moving forward with it.


Source : EcoFriend