Can You Ever Have Enough Octopus Chandeliers? 6 That Leave You Wanting More

Adam Wallacavage is a brilliant photographer and sculptor who sculpts chandeliers - surrealistic octopus chandeliers, some with sinuous arms swept by the movements of the sea, others at rest, and still others showing off their prey. Here are a mere six octopus chandeliers to arouse your appetite for more!

These octopus chandeliers are from a larger collection currently showing at the Jonathon LeVine Gallery in Manhattan through July 26, 2008. Most of Wallacavage's chandeliers are sculpted with mixed media, epoxy-coated cast plaster, and lamp parts. Some incorporate jewelry, shells, and other ornaments.

1. Nina Simone Chandelier

Did I mention that Wallacavage is a music buff and that the subjects of his photography are primarily musicians? The Nina Simone octopus chandelier is a rapturous tribute to that great singer.


2. Sea Beast Chandelier


The Sea Beast does look menacing.... The wallpaper in the background is Adam Wallacavage's design, called Kelp.



3. Green Fuzz of the Psychedelic Jungle Chandelier


The Green Fuzz Jungle chandelier is one piece of Wallacavage's Green Fuzz series, that also includes wall sconces and smaller versions of the chandelier. The wallpaper behind the Green Fuzz Jungle chandelier is a dark version of Wallacavage's Kelp.


4. The Argus Chandelier

In Greek mythology, the Argus had 100 eyes and was the guardian of a girl who was raped by Zeus and turned into a cow. The story doesn't get better from there, but suppose it stopped with the guardian part.... This Argus is wide enough (54" diameter) to watch over your whole room!


5. Cicciolina Chandelier


Is the Italian porn star/singer/actress/politician "Cicciolina" the inspiration for this exquisite sculptured chandelier? She casts a wide shadow on the ceiling!


6. Fenicologia Chandelier


Just a tad Rococo, the Fenicologia chandelier shows yet another aspect of the designer's imagination. Can't you just see this chandelier in Marie Antoinette's tea room? Wallacavage collaborates here with jewelry designer Tarina Tarantino.

It'S tough to pare down the vast collection of Wallacavage's truly fresh and exciting chandeliers to six. You can see more octopus chandeliers and sconces from the Wallacavage's current show at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery and even more at Adam

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Jul 15, 2008
by Gloria Campos
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2 and 4 are kind of neat