Can You Handle The TwitTruth?

There's a lot to be said about your Twitter body language and the footprint one leaves across the Twitterverse. Well, at least according to TwitTruth a brand new app that will tell you everything want to know, but were afraid to ask. So if you want to add your profile to the growing data mines that are salting away your digital activities all over the Web, take the truth serum at TwitTruth and get a closer glimpse at that 'man in the mirror.'

Similar to the analytical tools of TwitterAnalyzer and TweetPsych I have written about in the past  TwitTruth is another means to slice and dice info about how you conduct yourself and engage with others when you're getting your 'tweet' on!

You can also learn the TwitTruth about others as well. But differing from Hubspot's TwitterGrader where you can enter any one's Twitter handle (and peak at the results of others) at TwitTruth, a user needs to be registered at TwitTruth before their profile becomes an accessible public record.

For example, today I learned that the chances I will respond to a direct message is 'very good,' and that it takes me less than a minute to DM someone back. I don't know if that is good news or bad news. Sounds like I may be spending too much time on Twitter to be so quick to respond. However when I learned the 'time since my last tweet' was over 2 hours, it gave me some comfort to know that my Twitter addiction wasn't all-consuming (and that neither rehab nor an intervention was required just yet!).

The site also lists the top 500 users, and it highlights their stats if you want to get a quick read on some of these Twitter Rockstars.

The sad truth about TwitTruth is sometimes you don't need an 'app with aptitude' to tell you that there’s a 1 in 9905 chance of Martha Stewart sending you a tweet reply or that it would take 99 hours for P Diddy to reply to all the tweeps that sent him tweets. However, if you're tweetin' me, remember I am Quick-Draw McGraw at getting back to folks! (However, please don't over-tax my in-box, the back-log might put me over that 60 second response rate!)

And remember... in the immortal words of Colonel Jessup played by Jack Nicholson in the 1992 movie classic "A Few Good Men," you should only be asking for the truth when and if you are really able to "handle the truth!"

There you have it... the TwitTruth, the whole TwitTruth and nothing but the TwitTruth. So, if you are so inclined and are willing to lay it all out on the line...strap on that lie-detector and take your test!