Can You Spare a Square? Toilet Paper Tube Sculptures


What can you do with empty toilet paper rolls besides throw them at people? Make art with them, of course!

French artist Anastassia Elias makes toilet roll tube dioramas with interesting pictures inside the roll. Using inexpensive materials, he crafts scenes such as a classroom, a zoo and even a woman hanging up her clothes to dry.


It usually takes Elias a few hours to create each roll. The artist carefully cuts out the tiny figures and shapes using the same color as the tube roll. He then places them inside the tube by using tweezers to put them where he wants them. By using the same color inside and out, this gives the illusion that everything is made from the same toilet paper roll.


Elias gets inspired by watching people go through their everyday motions. By shining a light through one end of the tube, his toilet paper tube scenes are brought to life.




They should make these inside every roll of toilet paper. Think about it: you would actually enjoy going to the bathroom because then you'd get to use up your toilet paper just to discover the surprise inside! There could even be different scenes; the gorier the better. There could be a scene of a man sitting on the toilet, and behind him is a killer holding a sharp knife! If it scared the shit out of you, at least you'd be in the right place.

What do you think of Anastassia Elias' toilet tube dioramas?


Copyrighted images used with permission. Many thanks to Anastassia Elias! Visit hs website to see more of this amazing artwork. (Article created April 2010 and republished December 2015.)