Can Your Cell Phone Tell You When You're Sick?



You know those machines that they hook cars up to when you bring them to the dealership to be checked – the ones that scan your car for unapparent issues?  Have you ever found yourself feeling horrible, only to go to the doctor, undergo a battery of tests and be told that there is nothing wrong?  Wouldn’t it be great if your body could be scanned and diagnosed much like your car?

It is feasible that this kind of diagnosis will soon be reality and without even having to visit the doctor’s office.  Researchers at Dutch organization, IMEC, are working on a wireless body area network, or Human++BAN, that uses very low-power electrocardiogram sensors and translates them to wireless nodes, which then sends the information to your cell phone.  This system can be set up so that an alarm sounds when a problem is about to arise and data can also be transferred from the cell to your doctor.  Other medical sensing devices such as electroencephalograms for neurological conditions and electromyograms for neuromuscular issues can also function on this system. 

The possibilities of this health technology are pretty amazing for anyone who is already living with a tenuous medical condition.  People who are generally healthy, but have reason to suspect that they may develop a certain condition could be put somewhat at ease with these advancements too.

Sources: New Launches, New Scientist