Can Your Invention Make The Top 5 For The ClickStartMe Product and Invention Contest?

Are you ready for a no-holds-barred way to not only show that your innovative invention is the greatest thing since sliced awesome, earn funding for your idea’s creation as well as a nation-reaching marketing deal to sell it to the masses? Grab your blueprints and get ready to blow America’s socks off!

ClickStartMe is a fresh take on the standard crowdfunding website that puts the focus squarely on the most creative, original and ideas that American inventors can dream up, while pushing to make their inventions not only a reality, but a household name! At least, that’s the goal of the 5 inventors who are lucky enough to secure a spot as a finalist in the contest…

The Product and Invention Contest (Hosted by ClickStartMe and Harrington Multi Media Marketing), is all about presenting your invention or product in a way to impress the ClickStartMe Team in one of five ways:

1.    Crowdfund the most money for your invention by August 1st, 2013.

2.    Crowdfund more money than any other project in a single day by August 1st.

3.    Earn more “Loves” than any other invention by August 1st. (Similar to Facebook’s “Likes,” but for groundbreaking ideas!)

4.    Gather at least $2,500 for your invention, and you might be picked at random…

5.    Impress the judges! They’re looking for creativity, think and present your invention outside of the box, people!

Sure, you’ll be clawing your way to the Top 5 against a roster of other brilliant minds and their original creations, but the grand prize is well worth the effort: Each of the final 5 will have their invention or product promoted at HM3’s television studios in Tampa, Florida, where each contraption will be presented to professional marketers, retail experts and industry giants. This presentation is the grand finale of the contest, as the ultimate winner receives a marketing deal and a commercial for their invention from HM3!

It doesn’t get more open-ended than this, Inventors- You’ve got until August 1st to get your greatest, and most marketable invention on to begin advertising and crowdfunding your idea, so get cracking, and click here to learn more!