Canada and Taiwan Target Each Other for Sharing Innovations

Canada and Taiwan may seem like a random duo, but many nationals from these two countries are realizing the potential they have to be partners in innovation and technological development. In fact, people like Rosaline Kwan, the trade and investment director of the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei, spends her days doing interviews and promoting the benefits of such a rich relationship.

Kwan, along with others, encourage Taiwanese aspiring innovators, researchers, and those interested in technology to leave Asia and head over to Canada to get an education. The hope is that these students will receive excellent university experience overseas and return to the Asian island ready to be leaders in their chosen field of innovation. Another option is for them to remain in Canada and yet maintain relations professionally with Taiwan – forming a bridged superpower for technological advancement.

Canada and Taiwan currently collaborate together through the National Research Council as well as the National Science Council. The two nations even have an event coming up in November entitled the Canada-Taiwan Innovation Week. During the festivities this fall, the two countries will renew their initial agreement to come alongside each other in science and technology that was first made 10 years ago.

Investing in the future: Schoolchildren in front of the Canadian Trade Center in TaipeiInvesting in the future: Schoolchildren in front of the Canadian Trade Center in Taipei

Working hard to promote commercialization of knowledge through science and technology business development, the event will include workshops on everything from biotechnology and nutraceuticals, to functional foods (foods that benefit health) and clean alternatives to coal and oil.

The partnership between Canada and Taiwan has quietly produced some of the world’s greatest ideas of innovation – and in the next 10 years to come and beyond – they will likely continue to do so, setting an example for other nations currently working independently.


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