Candy Wrapper Chair Disassembles Easy For More Eco-Friendly Transport

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It has been a really long while since I've posted anything about eco-friendly chairs. So, here is a chair I would like to add to my list of favorite eco-friendly chairs I believe deserve to be noticed as much as possible. This chair's design is collaboration between Emiliano Godoy and Ecoist.

Emiliano is the man behind the innovative Global Warming Rug and the very cool Knit ChairEcoist is the company behind the shiny candy wrapper purses, bags and other accessories. For each bag bought a tree is planted. Together they put together this chair made of upcycled material.

The chair's wooden frame (legs and general support) is made with FSC certified wood and has a vegetable based biodegradable finish. The chair's fancy cover, which also forms the seat, back and armrest, is made of upcycled hand folded candy wrappers. In addition, "the structure also partly disassembles by means of stainless steel hardware, reducing the shipping size of the chair in half, and consequently transportation and storage environmental impacts" (Designboom).

In other words, the chair can be easily disassembled for easy and more eco-friendly shipping and then easily reassembled. The disassembly and reassembly of the chair also makes for a great space saver in small homes such as apartments. Reassemble the stylish chair for guests and disassemble and store when they are gone.


Via Treehugger and Designboom 


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