Cane With Three Flasks: Great Idea?

Patent# US 6745785 is a bargain if you like flasks, for it comes ready made with three of them built into it. This Cane is 3.5 feet long and is comprised of a top and a shaft which houses three separate compartments for “medicinal swigs” to fortify one for the long walk to the senior center. Each flask has its own cap and a base, but unfortunately the inventor didn’t think about providing a compartment for storing anything solid like protein or reading material. The Cane has its good points. Consider how much nicer the scenery looks when imbibing while viewing, and many times you get more than your money’s worth because things can appear in duplicate and sometimes even in triplicate!



The idea of a flask in cane is clever, and inserting three of them is over the top (both in terms of clever and the need for liquor). The Cane could also store water, which really could come in handy if one gets lost while rambling through nature. The idea of rendering traveling and walking more pleasant has inspired many an inventor. Consider Joshua Khan’s interesting piece, “New Product Adds Mobility To Your LuggageWoes” and Body Beauty’s clever post, “Knee Dynamo Charges Batteries While You Walk”.

Since I gave up my swigs of wine for “medicinal” and other nefarious purposes, the Cane would not serve me well, but to those others who might enjoy its use, I say:



Via Patently Silly

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Feb 4, 2009
by John P. Barker
John P. Barker's picture

I'm ashamed to say this...

... but this is soooo cool.

I used to walk using a cane.  I wish I'd had this thing.  It would have made some of my boring classes much more interesting.  Or more drooly, as I probably would have crashed to my desk in a drunken stupor...

Great find!

Feb 5, 2009
by Cosetta
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cooll but keep it down

 Hi John,

Thanks as always for your witty commentary.



Happy Patent,