Cannabis Catering: "High" Quality Meal Options

There are many businesses trying to capitalize on the up-and-coming industry or legal marijuana. With more prescriptions being issued more businesses keep on popping up and there is one interesting concept we've never seen before!

Cannabis CateringCannabis Catering

Cannabis Catering creates unique meals for those who have a prescription for marijuana as a treatment option. Not everyone who takes it for medicinal purposes wants to feel like they're getting high. They don't all want to smoke it, and baked goods can be very high in sugar. These meals are prepared to be tasty and provide the medicinal benefits. The only downside is the costs are comparable to those at a 5-star restaurant, but if you're a foodie who's got to get their fix, this could be the right option and this business has surely found their niche!

Via: TrendHunter